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About Aluminium Fabrication Products

AFP is a family run business based in the North of Nottinghamshire, specialising in fabrication and installation of Aluminium Rainwater Systems for the commercial and residential industry.

We add special emphasis to all aspects of design, manufacture and installation to all our standard and non-standard systems and roofline products, personalisation alike. As you may have recently seen rooflines are increasingly being used as “High Profiles Design Features” so we aim to incorporate the desired styles, shapes and colours to contribute to creating an outstanding visual effect

AFP has been established for 16 years and has expanded through internal growth and strives to become one of the top leading companies. Our employees are all trained and dedicated to industry leading and supreme customer service from ordering to installing. To ensure our team are able to produce a wide variety of systems for all aspects of the domestic & commercial markets we are constantly working closely with architects, specifies and clients

We pride ourselves with having a wide range of manufacturing and installation capabilities, which ensure that our systems are designed and installed for maximum efficiency in-terms of performance & cost.

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Aluminium Guttering Systems

Our in-house capabilities ensure that we complete every job, even the most complex assignments are to total specification, delivered on time and within budget.

Our engineering and design teams survey each project individually, from the first design theory to manufacture and make regular appointments at the installation stages to assure an effortless and efficient finished product.

One of our aims is to accommodate specifies and site agents with an efficient niche solution to any roofline complication, at a very competitive rate.

Alongside our extensive range of Aluminium Gutters and Downpipes that are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, AFP has a complementary and exclusive spectrum of:

Aluminium Wall Capping’s

AFP wall coping provides two beneficial service to both existing and new parapet and perimeter walls. Aluminium coping in now recognised as the most cost effective means to protect  weatherproofing on existing structures. Aluminium coping also provides a very attractive, cosmetic improvement to the line of any building. When considering new structures aluminium wall coping is often specified as part of the building program to minimise any future maintenance. Aluminium Coping is used to assist with waterproofing by helping direct the water off the parpet, it is not a waterproofing system.

Rainwater Hopper Heads

We offer an extensive range of Rainwater Hopper Heads varying in size, colour and specification. We offer a selection of ornamental designs, which add a certain amount of personalisation to the Hopper Heads.


On a regular basis you should inspect the products and remove any debris to ensure a free flow of water. Polyester Powder Coating finishes should be wiped with clean, warm soapy water to keep a brand new appearance.

Aluminium Soffits & Fascia’s

AFP designs and manufactures a complete range of fascia and soffit systems. Profiled aluminium fascia and Soffits offer a cost-effective system, which effectively levels the eaves of the project. Aluminium fascia and Soffits take very little maintenance and are corrosion resistant. All of AFP’s systems are unique and can be formed and pressed to comply with any given specifications. In addition you are able to completely colour co-ordinate roofline systems, which enhances almost any project and has the additional asset of all being sourced from one supplier.


We manufacture flashings to order, we take in to consideration all aspects of design requirements e.g. ‘Z’ Sections, Angles, Channel Sections ETC. All lengths and corners are welded and finished to give an aesthetically charming appearance.

Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Aluminium seamless guttering is a continuous length of guttering which can be fitted in lengths up to 35m, as the guttering is seamless there are no unsightly joint visual & also a minimised chance of leakage. Seamless guttering is installed by hidden brackets which are attached to the inside of the guttering; this provides extra strength to the guttering whilst continuing with the smooth appearance. Seamless guttering in manufactured on site to precise measurements & rolled formed. The guttering is pre painted on both sides and is coil fed into the guttering forming machine. Seamless guttering can be installed to both wooden and plastic fascia systems and with the aid of specially designed rise & fall brackets can be attached to either brick or stone, making it ideal for both modern and traditional property type

As all aluminium guttering, seamless is corrosion resistant and has a life expectancy of over 35 years, the naturally produced coating of aluminium oxide ensures there is a protective barrier against many atmospheric conditions. The polyester powder coating finish provides a durable, colour fast finish.

Aluminium Product Powder Coating

Powder Coating ensures a distinguished metal finish by applying the coating with an electrostatic action that accomplishes uniform powder coverage to the most compound products. This is then fused to the surface of the product in a temperature controlled environment

The advantages of powder coating over liquid finishes include:

  • A beautiful and uniform quality finish without paint runs.
  • Very cost-efficient, on any size items or orders.
  • Quick production time.
  • The electrostatic powder process ensures complete coverage, even on complex shapes (e.g., on castings) and minimises waste and over spray
  • Choice of finishes – clear, plain colour, metallic or textured
  • Vast choice of colours.
  • Protection against external UV fading.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Exceptional gloss and colour retention.
  • Robust mechanical and chemical performance – exceptional at resisting abrasion, acids, solvents, etc.
  • Good electrical insulation capabilities..
  • Environmentally friendly (negligible release of VOCs) and is energy and material efficient.